Dear Designers, It's You Not Me. (An Open Letter)

As a former software developer, working with UX designers can be both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, UX designers bring a valuable perspective to the table, helping us create user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that make our users happy 😃.

On the other hand, working with UX designers can sometimes feel like trying to navigate a minefield 💣.

Here are just a few of the challenges we developers often face when working with our UX counterparts.

Different languages, different ways of thinking

One of the biggest challenges is trying to understand each other's language 🤔.

Developers and designers often have different ways of thinking about and describing things, which can make communication difficult.

For example, a designer might talk about creating a "flow" for the user, while a developer might think in terms of "routes" or "pages." It's important for both sides to make an effort to understand each other's terminology and approach to problem-solving.

One way to do this is by having regular meetings where both parties can explain their thought process, and the other can ask questions and provide feedback.

Competing priorities

Another challenge is dealing with conflicting priorities 🤯. Developers are often focused on creating efficient, performant code that can handle a large amount of data, while designers are more concerned with creating a visually pleasing and easy-to-use interface.

This can lead to disagreements over things like the number of items to display on a page, or the amount of data to retrieve from the server at once. Finding a balance between these competing priorities can be a real challenge.

One way to navigate this is by having clear, measurable goals for the project, and working together to find a solution that achieves these goals while also taking into account the other party's concerns.

Constant changes and iterations

A third challenge is dealing with constant changes and iterations 🤔. Designers are often making changes to the interface, trying out new ideas, and gathering feedback from users.

This can be frustrating for developers, who are trying to create a stable, reliable codebase. It's important for designers to communicate any changes they're making as early as possible, and for developers to be flexible and adaptable in response.

By having a clear process in place for how changes are proposed and implemented, both parties can feel more in control and less frustrated by the constant back-and-forth.

"Design by committee" problem

Finally, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with the "design by committee" problem 🤷‍♂️.

It's not uncommon for multiple stakeholders to have input on the design of a product, which can lead to conflicting feedback and endless revisions.

Developers and designers need to work together to identify key decisions and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

One way to do this is by having a dedicated project manager who can act as a mediator, and can help ensure that everyone is aligned on the project's goals and objectives.


Working with UX designers can be challenging, but it's also an incredibly valuable experience that helps us create better products 🚀.

When I have any idea for a website, app or idea. The first thing I get excited for is making the designs. They can be the blueprint you can use to get others to help build your vision. 💡💡💡

By understanding each other's language, finding a balance between competing priorities, being flexible with changes, and effectively managing stakeholders, we can overcome these challenges and create amazing user experiences together.

It's important to remember that as a software developer we are all part of a team and we all have different roles and responsibilities.

The best way to navigate these challenges is by having open and honest communication, being flexible and willing to learn, and by being respectful of each other's perspective and expertise.

By working together, we can create great user experiences and make our users happy 😃.

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