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Why You Need a Personal Website

Why You Need a Personal Website

Why do you need one?

A personal website is a great way to introduce yourself to the world wide web and showcase your work, interests, and skills.

If you want to level up in your career, then making a website makes it easier for people to find you, then decide to hire you.

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Resumes Suck

I am such a hypocrite when it comes to resumes.

Back in college, I attended business school at the Harvard of Arizona.

Arizona State University 😈

During that time it was emphasized that resumes should be:

  • One page
  • Focused on accomplishments than responsibilities
  • Fluff up summer internship as if there were full time experiences
  • Education and Projects should be up top, internships and jobs at the bottom
My time at H&M doesn't really count even though black Fridays were a pain 😢
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel even though I rarely opened that program.

Now I am in a role where I am constantly reviewing them and looking for Software Engineers.

My LinkedIn Survey

I recently put up a post on LinkedIn asking which one is better.  

Sign Up | LinkedIn
500 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

Personally, I like the right one if you are applying as a software engineer.

Except, I like Gitlab more than GitHub. You can check out that post to see why.

Looking at the picture above two things came to mind.

In order to 🚨 stand out 🚨 as someone who works with software. 👩🏾‍💻

Engineers need a decent GitHub Profile and a Personal Website.

In this tutorial we are going to build our own personal website.

Then we'll have a part two for GitHub. 😄

What are we building?

I put together a simple one page landing page.

It contains four sections.

  • A hero section
  • Bio
  • Resume
  • Skills

Build Your Personal Brand

For anyone who wants to make an impact online, having a personal website is important.

People are visual 👀 so the more you can show (rather than tell), the better.

Your resume may say that you

“Built a company blog following of 15,000 engaged readers”

With your personal site, you can take someone straight to the blog and maybe get them to subscribe 😜

By featuring work samples, sites you’ve worked on, articles you’ve written, etc.

Your personal homepage can act as a digital portfolio of your online work and identity.

Management is Drowning in Resumes

First off if you are currently looking for a role.

My company is hiring.

Forbes hiring Full Stack Engineer, Platform in United States | LinkedIn
Posted 10:06:43 AM. Forbes believes in the power of entrepreneurial capitalism and uses it on various platforms to…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.

I am finding myself drowning in resumes.

However, I get excited to see candidates personal portfolios. 🌐

Not every candidate has a portfolio, but the ones who did, I noticed myself remembering them.

Don't have a portfolio?

Make a substack, ghost, wordpress, notion, youtube, even power point slide and make it available on the web.

When looking at candidates, it was great to see how they wrote.

How they expressed ideas, highlights and impact.

Things I consider important. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Resumes can become weird debates on Tik Tok.


If your resume looks like this, it’s probably in the trash. #resume #resumetips #resumehelp #resumetemplates #jobinterview #jobsearch #careeradvice

♬ original sound - Bryan Creely - Career Coach

Do I add a picture, do I make it pretty with colors, do I add an objection. Is it stupid to put an objection because my objection is to get a job. 🤦🏾‍♂️

PDF/Word Doc/Google Doc?

WTF is the answer man. 💢

Even though supply and demand is in favor of those working in tech.

You still have HR/Managers/Leaders going through a lot of traditional resumes.

A role can have 100+ qualified candidates. How do you separate yourself?

A Website benefits both parties.

The engineer can speak to something they worked on in their own time.

Can explain rationale and decision making processes.

While the Engineering Manager can ask questions related to the engineer's projects.

Old Recruiting Events

Remember before the pandemic, companies would recruit at college events.

I always found myself going to those with 50 plus resumes printed.

Experiencing all of the crappy rejections.

Today environment is more virtual and video driven.

Find a job with TikTok Resumes
TikTok is an entertainment platform that’s powered by a community that’s fueling culture. Creators on TikTok are redefining entertainment, from film to sports, to fashion, music, lifestyle, workplace,
  • 2010 make a website to impress recruiters.
  • 2015  make an app and that would be impressive.
  • 2022 make a website that has a video showing your skills.

I use Loom.

Loom: Async Video Messaging for Work
Record your screen, share your thoughts, and get things done faster with async video.

The Project

Let's create a portfolio website using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. We will develop a website by using the basics principles. The first look of the website will be like this.

As we are creating the portfolio website, so it is important for to know the profession of the person.

If the person is a developer, then we have to display the person degree, past experiences and most importantly skills.

So, we are making a portfolio website for a web developer.

The Code

  1. Star the project 🌟
  2. Change the content.
  3. Swap the picture
  4. Test by opening index.html in Chrome from finder.
GitHub - CalebKing3/portfolio-website
Contribute to CalebKing3/portfolio-website development by creating an account on GitHub.

Deploying it

Then try deploying it on either Github Pages or Netlify.

A Step-by-Step Guide: Deploying on Netlify
A step-by-step guide on how to deploy a site on Netlify.

Finals Thoughts

You Point Recruiters in the Right Direction

I have found that many hiring managers and interviewers who may not be on the HR side usually do their own research, too.

So consider this: If a recruiter sees your resume but can't find you online because of privacy settings or just don’t know how to search for people by name only (or even worse), they might think

“This person must not exist! He/she isn't here anymore than her friend's page would show up when clicked."

But with an aggregator website like mine- where all my different networks come together in one place -It becomes easy as pie finding anyone.

Tech out.