This newsletter is all about bringing value to you. Below are the curated documents used to help hundreds of engineering managers and engineers.

Resources shared include:

For engineering managers:

  1. One on One template with individual contributors
  2. Checklist for (New) Engineering Managers: the checklist I wish I had
  3. Advocate and Inspire - Tech Lead Expectations to empower engineers to lead projects
  4. How to create a business case for my idea
  5. Performance Review Example and Template for EMs
  6. Promotions Map for EMs to visualize promotions progress
  7. Checklist for growing a (junior-heavy) team
  8. Checklist for planning preparation for engineering managers
  9. Project reporting example for regular engineering project updates.
  10. Preparing for layoffs: a checklist


  • EM interview process
  • Software engineering interview process


  • Onboarding Overview
  • Onboarding Task List
  • Onboarding Email Example
  • Onboarding Checklist for Engineering Managers
  • Onboarding Check-In Questionnaire that many places use to check-in around the one-month timeframe

For ICs:

  • A migration checklist
  • Incident Analysis Templates
  • Project reporting example
  • Manage your manager
  • Work Log Template for software engineers
  • Team Standup Template

I do not suggest blindly copying any of these documents. Instead, use them as inspiration. They worked for me for my specific situations over the years. Your situation - business context, team structure, team dynamics - will be different, and you’ll want to tailor for this context. If you think they'll help: give it a go, iterate on them, and make them yours!

Consider creating your own “templates” for common situations you come across: and share them with your peers for feedback. This is how I created many of these documents: and I have always been surprised by the quality and quantity of helpful feedback received.

Only paying members can see the actual templates below 🤷🏾‍♂️

What are other documents, templates, or approaches that you'd find helpful? Please send a message or leave a comment.

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